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Adult Plan

$125 / month

  • Two in person a Month

  • One additional phone Appointment 

  • Unlimited Texting.

  • Unlimited emails 

  • Journal Prompts

Family Plan

$250 / month

  • Four Appointments a Month

  • Unlimited emails (all family )

  • Unlimited Texting ( all family)

  • Once a quarter Family meeting to make sure progress is being made..

Student Plan

$100/ month
(must be enrolled student)

  • Weekly email from Coach on PowerSchool issues.  Follow up on Executive Function skills.  

  • Review Brag sheet yearly and start a college planning session once a month.

  • Two 45 Min Appointments a Month
    ($130 value)

  • Unlimited emails

  • Unlimited Texts per month - Direct Access to a coach when needed

  • Pre college Assessment

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