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My Teen only relates to the phone

Typical Teens

This is their world. We can monitor it. Take it away and use it as punishment but we have to embrace it and allow them to grow in their environment rather than trying to take them back to the good old days. There are plenty of ways to create ways to use the phone to connect. Ask them about what is going on in their world. Ask them if they are feeling consumed by their device. Believe it or not they will tell you how they are feeling. They wont if you attack by using phrases like, you are always on that phone, look up at me. Can you please give me some attention. A conversation starting with. I know that phone is your connection to your friends and world how can we make sure you are connecting on a non device level. No phones during meal time is a great way to make it about connecting and EVERYONE putting their phones away from arms reach.

You have to set example....


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