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We came to a Family Coach because our marriage was not clicking. My husband did not want to go to counseling but he liked the idea of a coach. We talked about what was working and what wasn't.  We came away with simple steps to get us out of the same old fights and we are better partners and better parents.

J & F Allen

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This woman has flipped our family's upside down world and made it right side up again!!! We would be lost without her. My tweenager and teenager see her individually to work out their own kinks and she is so helpful to us we strive to be a more balanced family. Don't walk but RUN to get your family plan - you will not regret it!!!!

Karen C.

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I am 15. My mom and I were having fights all the time. I didnt want to see "the coach". I went the first time and she said I could say anything. I was unhappy in school and had no friends. She helped me come up with a plan. I joined some groups. My mom and I have talking plan that works. I am glad I went that first day.


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