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Grow your Child's Passion

Parents- Grow the Passion!

When kids get stressed about homework, tests and grades its because they really don't care about them. We get stressed about housework, laundry and paying bills. Both are necessary but they cause stress not passion.

We as parents know that learning is important but I would like to a shift our thinking toward finding their passion, work ethic and drive. These three things will move the forward and grow them in the right direction.

We all do necessary things we are not passionate about on a daily basis, but are we giving enough attention to passion building? When we say our kids don't want to do anything is that really true or have we not found their passion?

Find one passion of your child's this week. Yes, Xbox/computer games are fine. What do they like about it? What makes it fun? Can they see themselves making some games? What game would they make if they could?

Start a dialog and move the passion!!!

They are always on their phone? What app do they like best? What would make that app better? Could they look at designing an app?

Grow the Passion!!!!

Be careful just because you were passionate about sports, music, art or computers does not mean they will share your passion. Don't try and make your passion their passion! That is molding not growing, there is a difference.

This weeks theme...Grow the Passion.......

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